Why eat Wholefoods?


What is the solution for a delicious and nutritious diet without adding processed foods? A Wholefood Focus. Your favourite foods in a nourishing new light…

Wholefoods are basically unprocessed and remain in their most natural condition. Some Wholefoods such as:


-       Whole fruits

-       Whole vegetables

-       Organic or local butcher poultry, beef, lamb, pork,

        duck & veal

-       Organic or local farmed small fish and seafood

-       Local farmed eggs

-       Whole grains – oats, barley, rye, brown rice, millet,

         buckwheat, quinoa, cornmeal & spelt

-       Legumes – lentils, beans, chickpeas & split peas

-       Whole nuts, coconut & organic dried fruits

-       Coconut & nut / seed oils

Can be included in creating a Wholefood home. Of course if you do have special dietary requirements – modify the wholefood list to suit you.


The greatest thing about eating wholefoods is that you don’t have to cut out your favourite meals or aggravate your natural cravings. The answer is to educate yourself on how you can duplicate your favourite flavours, using real whole ingredients.  Want pizza for dinner? Delish! Use a spelt or wholemeal flour and make your own dough with water & yeast. [It really doesn’t take long]


When the emphasis is placed on avoiding processed foods, your meals become well-rounded sources of nutrition that are made up of a variety of food groups. Processed foods are generally modified with preservatives / additives / flavours & acids and potentially have been genetically modified. The thought of these chemicals being added into raw state foods such as fruits and vegetables blows my mind! How is it that as a society we have become so focussed on what we want, that we have steered so far away from where we had begun.

[Hunters & Gatherers]


My number 1 tip & challenge for you is …

Try do all of your shopping next week at your local fruit & veg market & your local butcher [only]. Not only does this encourage you to think outside the packaged goods box and brightly coloured aisles, but it also supports your local farmers and small businesses.


You can also buy whole grains, legumes, nuts & seeds at independent fresh food stores or your local organic grocery store.


One last note…

Big supermarkets often treat their fruit and vegetables to look more appealing and last longer on the shelf. Proteins, in particular poultry can be fed with hormones and antibiotics to increase their yield. There is absolutely no question that some of these treatments remain detectable in your foods and therefore within you. Not only will avoiding these supermarkets be more beneficial for your pocket, but will also help you avoid those nasty pasty chemicals!


For more information on Wholefoods, as well as a list of wholefood ingredients to stock up your pantry with, visit

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Humble Wholefoods [Emily] x.