Who am I?


Who am I & how will I help you?

I’m Emily, and I created Humble Wholefoods to be a one-stop shop for wholefood recipes, tips & tricks blog posts & all things simple in the kitchen.

We all know the usual thoughts that surround most of us during the week…

  1. I shouldn’t eat that
  2. But I really need a sugar pick me up so I might just have a little
  3. I’ll just skip some exercise… just for today and then I’ll start again tomorrow
  4. I don’t feeling like cooking, take away it is!
  5. Cooking nutritious meals is too hard, I’m not a good cook!
  6. I’ll just pick something up from the bakery for the party, I can’t bake!
  7. I hate grocery shopping, it takes up so much of my time
  8. Meal planning? Who has time for that?
  9. I’m craving pasta, pasta & more pasta!
  10. I’m not a great cook, so I’ll just get sign up for a food delivery service or buy packaged easy to heat up meals.

That fact is – if you yourself or no one else in your life taught you the tips, tricks & skills to becoming a wiz in the kitchen, of course those 10 thoughts will circle your mind one time or another. It’s not about being a chef, or even being 100% committed to a particular diet… It is about feeling secure in your kitchen abilities, and when focussed on wholefood ingredients vs fad diets and crash sugar cuts, your life will all of a sudden spill with simplicity.

I myself over the years have tried every different ‘dietary requirement’ alteration to see which one would suit me best. Where I could wake up feeling energised, but not have to fiddle in the kitchen for 30 minutes in the morning or come home dreading facing a fridge filled with produce that needed to be cooked. What I learnt from all those fads, NONE OF THEM WERE SATISFYING! Cutting out sugar, just made me want more sugar! Axing the gluten, only steered my eyes towards pasta dishes I’d never liked and the more I tested, the more unsatisfied I became.

Fortunately for me, [and now you] after years of educating myself, I found the sustainable solution! A wholefood focus became the complete remedy for me. If I felt like bread, “Great! What is a bread that gives me the most nutrition”. And so it began... I ate more rye grains, spelt pastas, coloured vegetables, leafy greens and most importantly to me, SWEETS to satisfy my HUGE chocolate obsession.

Through this change, I started creating new recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks & treats. And now [lucky for you] I can’t wait to share all of my recipes, and tips/tricks for simple wholefood creations in the kitchen that not only save you time and money… but satisfy all your cravings.

Stay tuned for more on this space! I will teach you everything I know to be able to keep your grocery shopping time low, make your kitchen time enjoyable and your nutritional intake high!

I can’t WAIT to start sharing with you all.

Humble Wholefoods [Emily] x.

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