Top 3 breakfasts to kick start your day

Wanting to eat better and start your day off with a kick of nutrition? Our top 3 wholefood breakfast tips & recipes will have you on your way to a wholefood day.


We all know the saying ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’! For me... this usually means the way I start my day, is the way I finish it. I find that if I start my day with a wholefood breakfast or breakfast smoothie, I am more likely to eat nutritious meals throughout the day & finish with a wholefood dinner.




Do NOT skip your wholefood breakfast! You will be starving and craving before you’ve barely reached 9am if you do , it makes it all the more challenging to make better food choices.


A breakfast smoothie can take you less than 3 minutes to make – better yet… you can pre-make your smoothie the night before like I do and just shake it up before drinking the next day.


Breakfast number 1: Smoothie Bowl


My ultimate favourite breakfast obsession is a refreshing cold smoothie bowl! I actually crave this if I haven’t been able to have one in a couple of days. You can usually make a smoothie bowl with a variety of fruits and vegetables.


The usual staples to have lying around would be a variety of acai powder or puree packets, berries, bananas, spinach leaves, water or dairy free milk, mango, dragon fruit, peaches, plums, nuts, oats and seeds.


I usually add 1 whole banana + 1 Cup coconut milk + 1 Cup spinach: 1 Cup mango/berries/fruit + 1 Tablespoon of seeds or protein powder.


Top the smoothie bowl your favourite granola, oats, fresh fruit, coconut, cacao, passionfruit or bliss balls.  See below for a recipe to try:-


Breakfast 2: Chia Pudding


Another great choice that you can prepare on the weekend for your week is a chia pudding made with dairy free milk that is packed with protein and nutrition!  You can buy a packet of chia seeds from your local supermarket for $5 or less and it will last you a VERY long time.


The best part of a chia pudding? That it can also be made and ready in 15 minutes, just mix 2 Tablespoons of chia seeds with 1 Cup nut or coconut milk + 1 Tablespoon of raw honey, stir and set in the fridge. You will need to stir this a few times during the setting process and you know it is ready when the chia seeds are translucent.


Want to make it more exciting? Add 1 teaspoon of cacao powder or 1 tablespoon of oats or mixed berries to add some flavour.


Breakfast 3: Breakfast smoothie


My quick on the go breakfast, usually before I rush out the door is a quick and easy breakfast smoothie. The best part about this breakfast, is that it is ridiculously light and refreshing, avoiding the opportunity for bloating or discomfort. It is something I often make the night before, grab on my way out the door and enjoy whilst I drive to my next destination.


A go to breakfast smoothie I make is…


1 whole banana

1 Cup mixed berries

1 handful spinach leaves

1 Cup water


Then I will usually change the berries to mango chunks and you can also change the water to a nut milk or coconut milk as well. You can add supplements like protein powder or maca powder to you smoothie if you would like! The possibilities are endless.



Give some of these a try & please I would LOVE to hear about it in the comments below…



Humble Wholefoods x.