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To change your life

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We all have things we want to achieve, develop & master – the problem is… the significance of these goals usually seem too far fetched to reach or require too many steps to take. THIS IS O-K-A-Y! There is nothing wrong with wanting to master cooking, or eat better, or even finally tackle that bloating issue you’ve been having and lose some extra body fat – the thought then becomes… HOW? Here are some easy steps to get you closer towards changing your bad habits into good ones.


1. To be grateful


This is where you have to start in order to move forward in developing good habits into your daily routine. Take 5 minutes to write down 10 things that you are grateful for today – these can be anything from hugging your kids, to having breakfast with a break or partner, or even managing to eat breakfast today! Of course, try to stretch it to the bigger picture as well… having a secure roof over your head, or having money in your bank to pay your rent bill this week. These are common things that everyone easily takes for granted and it is extremely helpful to be conscious of these things when developing change in your life.


2. Write down your top F$%*@ing goal


Although I am sure there are many changes you would like to make – try think of ONE that is most important to you… one that you would seek the benefits of ASAP. Something a simple as “I will cook 3 homemade wholefood dinners per week” or, “I will walk two times per week”.


Having one focus will not only clear your thoughts, but it will make the process so much simpler knowing exactly where you are going & What you are after.


3. Write down 3 habits that will achieve that goal


Think carefully here – if you are wanting to lose some weight or start cooking wholefood meals a couple of times per week, make sure the habits you write down are directly linked to achieving that goal.  Habits such as meal planning or cleaning your fridge each week can directly move you towards a goal of cooking at home….or maintaining a wholefood breakfast once a day will relate directly to eating better and losing weight.  MAKE THE SIMPLE & ACHIVEABLE!


4. START with 1 of those habits for 14 days


You can’t expect to change 3 habits all at once & have it be smooth sailing [It just won’t happen!]. Choose one of your habits & try it out for 14 days, once those 2 weeks are over… try your second habit and continue your first. Because this step is a layering effect, I would highly recommend your habits being simple so you have every chance of succeeding. A habit as simple as “I will add 1 more vegetable to my dinners” is a perfect example!


5. Note your progress!!!


Finally, your last step…. Note how you went! Did you find it difficult? Why… or why not? If you found that cooking 3 homemade wholefood meals each week is too much to handle and you found yourself ordering uber eats one too many times, then drop your habit to cooking once per week to begin with.




Email me your top f$%*ing goal + your habits if you’d like me to takea look / keep you accountable through your changes.  I’D LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU


Humble Wholefoods x. 

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