A trip to the markets

Although it isn't feasible for everyone... a weekly trip to the markets is one of the ways I maintain my wholefood goals & home. Not only does it support local farmers & businesses but it is incredibly fresh! Every notice why at the supermarkets all the fruits & vegetables look so perfectly shaped, shiny & coloured? Well.. that is because they are manufactured to look that way. Spray with pesticides & only picked if they appear absolutely perfect - it is so unnecessary. Well your local markets ( or even local fruit / veg shop ), you're guaranteed local produce that will enhance your recipes. 

I usually buy all my fruits,  vegetables, spices, oils, breads & of course... BREAKFAST at the markets and I leave my canned goods, household products & grains for the supermarket. Now of course, if you can find a local weekly market... then you will only need to visit the supermarket once a fortnight because most of your groceries will be fresh. 


Even if you can try visit the markets once a month - you're starting to create change. And change = process.

As Tony Robbins states ...

"CHANGE is inevitable, PROGRESS is optional"

Emily RobinsonComment