5 Top Tips to stock a Wholefood Home



Most people want to create a home filled with wholefood pantry items, nutritious go to snacks in the freezer & limit their intake of processed foods. But how do you do it?


Firstly – Pantry take over


It is time to clean out that big food-hoarding pantry of yours you desperately need to sort and organise. It certainly won’t be easy and I’m sure you have biscuits and gourmet sweets you keep for ‘special occasions’ or even homemade jam that you purchased from those beautiful markets all that time ago. Well my advice…


There is nothing more tempting in the afternoon or late at night then having those processed snacks and treats hiding away somewhere in your pantry. Make the decision to clear it all out, even if it means passing that jam onto someone else as a gift.

Things to keep

-       Brown rice

-       Cornmeal / buckwheat / quinoa / oat / spelt type grains

          (you can buy spelt pastas so don’t feel like you have to

           miss out!)

-       Tomato paste

-       Rice noodles

-       Legumes – lentils / chickpeas /split peas

-       Canned goods – beans / tomatoes

-       Organic stock or stock cubes

-       Wholemeal / nut-meal flours

-       Dried fruit / whole nuts & seeds / coconut products

-       Nut oils

-       Dry spices / salt & pepper

-       Wholefood bottle goods such as tamari / tahini / coconut    

         oil / organic nut butters

That is actually a lot more than you would think! And you can do so much with those tasty pasty ingredients.


Secondly – Storage Storage Storage


The best way to keep your pantry items organised is to purchase some glass or plastic lock and lock containers from your local K-mart store. Not only are these containers inexpensive, but they will keep your nuts, legumes & grains from being contaminated by pantry pests and stay fresher for longer. I tend to sort my pantry into shelves where similar items can be stored together.

An example of how I organise mine…

Top Shelf

Recipe books; platters

4th Shelf

Legumes; spelt pasta; canned goods; tomato paste; rice noodles; onion; potatoes; garlic

3rd Shelf

Flours & Grains in glass storage; nuts; dried fruit; whole bottled goods;

2nd Shelf

Nut oils; spices; salt & pepper; glad wrap / foil

Bottom shelf

Woven K-mart bought baskets - baking needs; Cake mixer ; Food processor


Thirdly – Fridge Overhaul


Do the same thing with your refrigerator as you did with your pantry! There is nothing worse than a disorganised fridge where things get lost in there at all times. I can actually name exactly what is in my fridge at all times because I clean it out every week before I do my grocery shopping and I keep produce in particular places.


Things to keep

-       Whole fruit / vegetables (including ginger family


-       Whole dairy products (if you eat dairy) such as farmed

         milks / yogurts

-        Whole proteins such as poultry / beef / pork / veal /


-       Bottles goods such as tamari / whole chilli sauce /

        sesame oil / organic tomato sauce / whole mustards and

        radishes / relishes

-       Whole farmed eggs (if you eat animal products)


Your refrigerator should actually be quite bare, clean & organised when you stick to these simple products. It may seem drastic to begin with, but in the long run you will not regret your refrigerator being filled with so much freshness.


Fourthly – Refrigerator sort time


You can decide how / where you would like to store your cold storage goods to suit you and your refrigerator! I personally try to keep the meat away from other foods so I designate an entire shelf for whole meat products and I do the same for my fruits & vegetables to avoid cross contamination.


Here is an example of how I sort mine…

Top Shelf

Nutritious sweets

[ I usually put treats I’ve made during the week here to be demolished ]

Door Shelf

Whole eggs for baking

Homemade chia jam

Whole mustard

2nd Shelf

Whole dairy products

Bottled goods / sauces

3rd Shelf

Whole meats – only that will be eaten in the next 2 days

[ the rest I store in the freezer until the day before ]

Nut milks / whole dairy milks

Bottom Drawer

Fresh vegetables to the left of the drawer / fresh fruits to the right of the drawer




I couldn’t have a wholefood home without being as organised as I can handle to be. Of course we all know with families and work commitments we are so busy! But making time to plan out your weekly meals will save you time & money that week.

If you happen to have an extra 30 minutes over the weekend or one evening after the kids have gone to bed… create a batch of no bake treats to stick in the fridge or freezer or batch a Sunday afternoon for baking nutritious sweets to store in the freezer for craving days!




There is no reason why you can’t have a wholefood home. Just take it step-by-step. Feel free to contact me for any questions and tag #humblewholefoods on instagram if you post any cleared pantry / fridge photos! Happy clearing.


Humble Wholefoods [Emily] x.