5 steps to kick-start your wholefood goals

 Moving my body with a river walk - Southbank, QLD.

Moving my body with a river walk - Southbank, QLD.

We all want to feel better, look better, eat better, have better skin, feed our families better .. the list goes on! But of course, anyone you ask who maintains their wholefood goals will tell you IT IS NOT EASY. You definitely keep yourself accountable for it everyday and the first couple of weeks are the most challenging. Of course it is easier to grab a freddo frog from the service station than nuts or dried fruit to soothe your sweet cravings but my gosh do you feel better if you don’t.


My biggest tip is – MODERATION. Have that glass of wine or that delicious dessert when you’ve gone out for dinner… but don’t make it your everyday habit.


With the sugary processed foods that surround us everyday and are more readily available, it is more challenging than ever before… but use some of these quick tips [ even if you only try 1 tip for a week ] and your goals will start to become achievable.





The easiest step to try integrate into your day is by drinking water. 1-2L per day, possibly more depending on how active you are / if you workout and sweat alot.

It is quite astounding how much better you can feel just by keeping a water bottle by your side and sipping away throughout your day.

By adding water to your goals for the week, you will also find you won’t crave nearly as much!


2. Adding those veges


A great way to start putting more nutritents into the foods you eat, is to try add 2 more types of vegetables into your daily intake. This may mean adding spinach to your morning smoothie, or some sliced capsicum / carrots to your lunch.

I usually try to add as many veges as I can to my dinners, which isn’t as easy as some people make it out to be. I usually buy a couple of extra zuchinnis, capsicums, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes from the markets as these are easily chopped & thrown into the pan / pot / baking dis without a lot of prep or cooking time.

If you find that adding extra fresh vegetables are just too difficult to think about… go look at getting a greens powder from your local health food store. I usually add 2-3 teaspoons of greens powder to my breakfast oats or a smoothie as well as any goody balls or breads / cakes I make.




The common saying by all is of course ‘DON’T SKIP BREAKFAST’, and yes this is true but the biggest hurdle I have had to jump over is preparing my breakfasts so I don’t have to think about it in the morning before my busy day.

This can mean anything from meal prepping some over-night oats in the refrigerator to even just writing down when you do your groceries what you will have for brekky everyday. [This is what I do] I make sure I write down whether I am having oats or a smoothie or an acai bowl for breakfast on my meal plan and then I buy the ingredients I need for those breakfasts exactly.


4. Move your body


This is a fairly common tip circling the wide web and it does make the world of difference. Try walking even one set of stairs in a day or even taking a 5-10 minute walk on your lunch break to get that body moving.

Understandably, you may be reading this and thinking “well I’m just too busy & I am active already”. This may be because your job is active or you’re running around after your little ones all day! This is definitely a form of moving your body – so don’t stress. But I do implore you to try extend that movement to a simple addition of a 5 minute pinterest workout or even a brisk walk somewhere in your day.

You will find that by changing up your routine – your body will respond in the way you are hoping it will.


5. Treat yourself!!!


This is by far the biggest tip I can give from me to you. I know better than anyone that holding yourself back from treats whether that is a sweet chocolate or an indulgent dinner out with your friends… it is important not to be to ‘restricted’.

You will find that by letting yourself be at peace with a few treats here or there – that you will feel better & the cravings will decrease.

Now of course this doesn’t mean treat yourself everyday… hehe! But every week or so, your body isn’t going to freak out because you treated yourself.

Remember… life is short & it goes by so fast – why not enjoy it! Use 1 or more of these tips next week & let me know how you go. Even if you can celebrate 1.5 Litres of water every day for 5 days – that is a fabulous achievement!! 


#humblewholefoods showing us one of your steps this week!! We'd love to feature your snap!


 My morning walks :) @livuve 

My morning walks :) @livuve 

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