5 Insanely Easy Snack Recipes

Chocolate Zucchini Muffins

Ready to get your snack attack on? You should have those afternoon hunger pains & sweet tooth cravings satisfied with these simple snack recipes.


Snack recipes should be something you can easily prep and store in the fridge or freezer or make on the go. This is why fellow blogger Berti from Rogue Vitality and I wanted to join our snack recipe forces together to help you out.


Don’t ruin those wholefood bodies by giving into the processed foods that surround us everyday. Create, make, bake & enjoy!


1. Jaffa Bliss Balls


The perfect afternoon treat for all those chocoholics out there [like me], these simple bliss balls take less than 15 minutes to blend, roll & pack and do not disappoint with their fudgy centre and hint of orange.

2. Choc Goji Berry Slice

 By Rogue Vitality

Another chocolate obsession based recipe, this time with the nutritious hint of goji berries. Make this delicious slice in advance, slice & store in the freezer for an easy grab on the go! You will not be disappointed…

Choc Goji Berry Slice

3. Double Chocolate Zucchini Muffins


Chocolatey goodness & a source of vegetables? YES PLEASE! These muffins can be mixed together in 10 minutes and baked to perfection in less than 25. Store them in the freezer for a longer lasting batch.

4. Carrot Cake Balls

By Rogue Vitality

No one can go past the taste of carrot cake, especially when they’re wholefood and nutritious balls of goodness. Simple, quick, easy & guilt free. These balls suit all of your Paleo, Vegan, No Bake, Raw & wholefood needs.

Carrot Cake Balls

5. Cookie Dough Bliss Balls

One of the quickest snacks to make, and packed with nutrition! These last 2 weeks in the refrigerator, and months on end in the freezer! Give them a try - you won't be let down. 

My biggest Tip & Trick


PREP these tasty snacks before hand. Get out your diary or calendar right now and choose a 2 hour block or 2 x 1 hour blocks of time in which you can commit to creating some treats.


You may be thinking "2 hours!, I don’t have 2 hours!", but the fact is… you can always make the time. There is a clear known fact that most business owners engage in a term called batching, where you do one or more tasks of a similar nature in one time block. The reason… when your mind is tackling a task, it is more likely to process the task faster and more productively if you are doing tasks of a similar nature, rather than changing tasks constantly and therefore, wasting time.


Once you have chosen that block of time – write down the ingredients from the above recipes that you will need.  Write it down clearly and plop it on the fridge so you don’t forget to take that with you as you grocery shop that week.


Put on some music


Tackle the muffins first, [while these are baking], prep the no bake balls, then the slice ... and before you know it, you have weeks of prep completed! Of course if you have hungry munching kids, you may need to ‘secretly’ store away a few of those stashes for yourself but regardless, these should keep you going for a couple of weeks.

I'd love to know how you go - please #humblewholefoods on social media or email me a pic so I can take a look!!


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Humble Wholefoods x.