7 Mind blowing uses for coconut oil

Ever wonder what is it with this coconut oil craze that is everywhere? Well here at 7 mind-blowing reasons why we are all coconut crazy over coconut oil


1. Oil Pulling

An ancient dental technique, oil pulling involves taking 1 Tablespoon of coconut oil and swishing around in your mouth for 10-20 minutes daily. During this process, the oil will begin to triple in size, pulling out the toxins & improving dental hygiene.


I personally do this every morning before I brush my teeth, and it isn’t as gross as it sounds! The coconut oil has NO taste, and if you keep your mind away from the [ew its gettings bigger thoughts] then it’ll be over in no time.


NOTE: Always spit this into the rubbish bin and not your sink.


2. Dry Skin Moisturiser


Those winter white skin elbows and cracked heals will not be an issue with some coconut oil lying around. This is a great use for coconut oil, usually just a small amount on your elbows, heals, knees etc will keep these spots moisturised and crack free.  


3. Hair Treatment


This is a great easy way to treat your hair for dryness and split ends. I usually use approximately ½ a Cups worth and I massage this into my hair and ends [not the scalp usually] and leave in for up to 60 minutes before washing with shampoo & conditioner. Of course, whether you choose to massage into your scalp or not is up to you – it depends on how oily your roots are!


4. Baking baking baking


This is one of my favourite and highly recommended oil / butter substitutes when baking. This wonderful ingredients can be substituted 1:1 and will make your cupcakes, cookies & cakes more moist than you could ever imagine when there is no butter!


NOTE: Coconut oil goes firm in the fridge so if you’re planning to store your cake or cupcakes in the refrigerator before serving, keep in mind to take it out and let it sit at room temperature for 20 minutes.



5. Taking paint & oil based grime off your hands / body


Been painting or getting creative today? No problem – coconut oil will strip these chemicals off your fingers instantly.


I usually use coconut oil after cleaning my weber as well – all that grime on my fingers never comes off with hand wash but rub a little bit of coconut oil on your hands before washing & it works like a charm!


6. Making chocolate + No Bake Goods


A very exciting use of coconut oil is to make CHOCOLATE


½ Cup cacao

½ Cup Coconut oil

¼ Cup sweetner of choice [such as honey or rice malt syrup] = DELICIOUS


This chocolate whether it is topping a slice or dribbled over strawberries will set quickly in the refrigerator.


You can also add coconut oil to nut or coconut flour bases to act as the setting agent


NOTE: Just as coconut oil firms in the refrigerator, it also melts out of the refrigerator especially if you live in a humid climate. So take it out right before serving.


Number 7.  Cooking


My number 1 tip & trick use for coconut oil is to replace your usual cooking oil agent with coconut oil. When heating most oils, the nutrition can be reduced if not stripped when heated over a certain temperature


Coconut oil however does not respond the same way, so you can use this lovely oil for heating your pan before cooking up a stirfry or grilling some veges & still retain all of those nutritional benefits


Let me know if you enjoyed our useful tips for this week by commenting below!



Humble Wholefoods x. 

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